Pronouns are a form of gendered language which refers to a person through words other than their name. Common examples of pronouns are she/her/hers, he/him/his and they/them/theirs.

Although some pronouns are traditionally associated with certain genders (such as she/her/hers with women and he/him/his with men) anyone of any gender identity can use any pronouns.

Transgender people often change pronouns along with names and titles as part of their transition. Using the wrong pronouns, intentionally or by accident, is a form of misgendering.

Some examples of pronoun sets used by English speakers to refer to individuals are:

  • She/her/hers. Traditionally female. She looked at herself in the mirror, and her reflection smiled back at her.
  • He/him/his. Traditionally male. He looked at himself in the mirror, and his reflection smiled back at him.
  • One/one/one's. One looked at oneself in the mirror, and one's reflection smiled back at one.
  • They/them/theirs. "Singular they." They looked at themself in the mirror, and their reflection smiled back at them.
  • Ey/em/eirs. Elverson. Ey looked at eirself in the mirror, and eir reflection smiled back at em.
  • E/Em/Eirs. Spivak. E looked at Emself in the mirror, and Eir reflection smiled back at Em.
  • Xe/xem/xyrs. Xe looked at xemself in the mirror, and xyr reflection smiled back at xem.
  • Sie/hir/hirs. Sie looked at hirself in the mirror, and hir reflection smiled back at hir.
  • Ve/ver/vis. Ve looked at verself in the mirror, and vis reflection smiled back at ver.
  • Ze/zir/zirs. Ze looked at zirself in the mirror, and zir reflection smiled back at zir.
  • Ne/nem/nirs. Ne looked at nemself in the mirror, and nir reflection smiled back at nem.
  • Ze/zer/zers. Ze looked at xemself in the mirror, and zer reflection smiled back at mer.
  • Fae/faer/faers. Fae looked at faerself in the mirror, and faer reflection smiled back at faer.
  • Per/per/pers. Per looked at perself in the mirror, and per reflection smiled back at per.

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